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Appetite for Destruction – Guns N’ Roses

Appetite for Destruction – Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses’ debut album, Appetite for Destruction, was released on July 21, 1987. The album was turning point for hard rock in the late ‘80s.

Many of the songs were written on their performance on the Los Angeles club circuit, including “You Could Be Mine“, “Don’t Cry” and “November Rain“, but they were featured on later Guns N’ Roses albums, even though they were considered for Appetite for Destruction. Also, many of the songs at the beginning were solo tracks that individual members wrote separate from the band, only to be completed later. These songs were “It’s So Easy” and “Think About You“.

The songs on the album are based on band’s personal experiences, reflected in the song “Welcome to the Jungle“, and on some female friends, reflected in the songs “My Michelle“, “Sweet Child o’ Mine“, “You’re Crazy” and “Rocket Queen“.

Appetite for Destruction was dirty and dangerous record in a time when heavy metal meant nothing but a good time. The music is nasty as the lyrics, with primal, sleazy sound. The things that make the record powerful are the fear, misogyny and the anger in the songs.

Appetite for Destruction was well received by the critics and it has been certified 18 times Platinum. That made the album the best-selling record released on Geffen.

Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction Tracks

  1. Welcome to the Jungle – 4:34
  2. It’s So Easy – 3:23
  3. Nightrain – 4:29
  4. Out ta Get Me – 4:25
  5. Mr. Brownstone – 3:49
  6. Paradise City – 6:46
  7. My Michelle – 3:40
  8. Think About You – 3:52
  9. Sweet Child o’ Mine -5:55
  10. You’re Crazy – 3:17
  11. Anything Goes – 3:26
  12. Rocket Queen – 6:13

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