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Destroyer – Kiss

Destroyer – Kiss

One of Kiss’ strongest and most interesting album, as well as most experimental, is their fourth studio album Destroyer released in 1976 in the US. The album manifested a disappearance of the raw sound of the group’s first three albums.

The production of the album was made by Bob Ezrin, who has encouraged the band to experiment. The embellishments that he introduced to Kiss were sound effects in the album’s untitled closing track, a children’s choir in “Great Expectations” and orchestra-laden heartfelt ballad in “Beth“. But there is also a plenty of heavy thunder rock on the album, like demonic “God of Thunder” and the sing-along anthems “King of the Night Time World” and “Shout It Out Loud“.

The song which made Destroyer such a success was Peter Criss ballad “Beth“, that surprisingly became Top Ten hit.
Destroyer reached the top 40 in the US, and also was certified gold and platinum in 1976.

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November 13th, 2014

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