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Pink Floyd – “The Endless River”

Pink Floyd – “The Endless River”

Pink Floyd don’t hide the facts about their upcoming album, called “The Endless River”. The album includes leftovers from their 1994’s “The Division Bell”, which was made as a tribute to keyboardist Richard Wright.

With this album, which sounds like a collection of old outtakes and the songs don’t share too much common ground with theirs ‘70s hits that brought them millions of fans, Pink Floyd represent a band in transition, with only David Gilmour and Nick Mason left. Even though Wright plays on this tracks, his presence is pretty much ethereal. Beside the well-known qualities that he gives to “The Endless River”, he also gives it some lack of purpose.

The album is much more delicate and less inviting than “The Dark Side of the Moon” or “Wish You Were Here” and as a compilation of old, leftover music pieces, it doesn’t have the status of a classic.

But the songs like “Things Left Unsaid” and “It’s What We Do” remind the fans the fact that before Pink Floyd became one of the greatest rock bands, they were only a complex instrumental pieces.

The Endless River” represents a 53-minute instrumental suite consist of 18 cuts stitched together. But, it doesn’t always come together flawlessly. “Anisina” and “The Lost Art of Conversation” remind of a unfinished studio fragments in their original song.

The closing track “Louder Than Words”, which is the album’s only song with a lead vocal, ring a bell that “The Endless River” is a Pink Floyd album and it comes like a reminiscence from the past.

The album may not be what the fans want as a final album by Pink Floyd, but as a closing-chapter to their lasting legacy, it seems that it fits great.

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December 30th, 2014

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