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Rocks – Aerosmith

Rocks – Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s fourth album, called Rocks was released on May, 1976. It was a great commercial success and it was an outstanding follow-up to their masterpiece Toys in the Attic. It has significantly influenced many hard rock and heavy metal artists, like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica.

Rocks captured the band at their most raw and rocking.

A pair of songs have became their most renowned- “Back in the Saddle” and “Last Child“. The menacing hard-rock “Back in the Saddle“, which features Joe Perry playing a six-string bass, was covered by Sebastian Bach on his album Angel Down, as a duet with Axl Rose. The fierce funk groove of “Last Child” remains as a favorite among the Aerosmith’s fans. The song was written by lead singer Steven Tyler and the guitarist Brad Whitford.

The album includes tracks that also became hits, like “Combination“, which is about drugs and the danger of affording them, and the album-closing ballad “Home Tonight“.

Rocks was ranked #176 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and it was one of the first albums that went platinum as soon as it was released. Aerosmith appeared to be indestructible after the release of Rocks.

Aerosmith – Rocks Tracks

  1. Back in the Saddle – 4:40
  2. Last Child – 3:26
  3. Rats in the Cellar – 4:05
  4. Combination – 3:39
  5. Sick as a Dog – 4:16
  6. Nobody’s Fault – 4:21
  7. Get the Lead Out – 3:41
  8. Lick and a Promise – 3:05
  9. Home Tonight – 3:15

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September 30th, 2014

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