Color Out

Color Out

Color Out is a one-man rock band, from Chicago, IL. The amazing man who is behind these show is Dave Hedrick, with his talent to play the guitar, bass, drums and provides vocals, all by himself. One thing is for sure Dave has an incredible talent, and he won’t stop amazing us day by day.
Something that will blow your mind is the new self-titled debut EP. The EP has six songs, and every one of them has something special. And this is not only us saying , the “Rock and roll report” gave a Five-Star rating, and they said:

When listening to the self-titled release from Color Out, one thing becomes apparent. Dave Hedrick is a very strong musician and it shows as every musical part within the songs are played with skill.

The songs on the Color Out-EP are:

We can all agree that the most poverful song is Mercurial, where the drum and the guitar work dominated all the way. If you like to hear something softer then By Your Side is what you are looking for. This acoustic ballad will wake up your soft side and emotions. Dave Hedrick writes and performs with his heart, for that all of his songs are different and inspirational. Because we all want to know what he has to offer next, I asked him about his future plans.

I am currently writing new material plan to have a new single maybe two, out in early spring with the goal of a new album by the end of next year. Still riding a decent wave from the EP so I’ll see what opportunities open early next year but excited to get some new music out there.

Dave Hedrick sure deserves all the credits, because he did something different and creative, and the most important, he did it by himself.