The Doors

The Doors
The Doors
Los Angeles, California
Psychedelic rock, blues rock, acid rock, hard rock
Years active
1965 - 1973

The Doors were formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, after the suggestion of UCLA Graduate School of Film that Morrison and Manzarek should collaborate on songs. They conceived the band at meeting on a Southern California beach and Morrison christened the band from a book title “The Doors of Perception” by Aldous Huxley. The members were Jim Morrison as a lead vocalist, Ray Manzarek as a keyboardist, John Densmore as a drummer and Robby Krieger as a guitarist.

With the signing with Elektra Records in 1966 they released eight albums between 1967 and 1971. Their first was The Doors, then Strange Days, Waiting for the Sun, The Soft Parade, Morrison Hotel, Absolutely Live and L.A. Woman. The band’s edited version of Krieger’s “Light My Fire” from their debut album became a No. 1 hit in 1967.

Morrison‘s image of embodiment of dark, psychological impulses was established quickly, in Strange Days and Waiting for the Sun, which both became best-selling albums and included hits. The album Waiting for the Sun also marked the appearance of Morrison‘s mythic alter ego, “The Lizard King“.

For the album Soft Parade, which was released in 1969, the fans have mixed impressions, but the album also had a hit “Touch Me” which topped the charts. Then Morrison started to devote his attention outside the band, writing poetry, collaborating on a screenplay with Michael McClure and directing a film “A Feast of Friends“.

Soon after the recording of L.A. Woman in 1971, Morrison took an extended leave of absence from the group. He moved to Paris with his wife, where they lived in seclusion and he hoped to write. In 1971, he was found  dead in his bathtub. He died of heart failure at the age of 27.

After his death, the Doors, continued to record like a trio through the 1973, but it wasn’t the same without commanding lead singer. So, Manzarek hoped to reconstitute the group with Iggy Pop, but the plan fell through.

The best years of the group started in 1980, nine years after the death of Morrison, when Jerry Hopkins released the biography of MorrisonNo One Here Gets Out Alive“. With the releasing, the sales of their music grew even more and it was spurred by many admirers and imitators in new wave bands.


The Doors1967
Strange days1967
Waiting for the sun1968
The soft parade1969
Morrison Hotel1970
LA Woman1971
Other voices1971
Full circle1972
An American Prayer1978