Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin
London, England
Hard rock, blues rock, folk rock, heavy metal
Years active

The band, that is recognized as a ancestor of heavy metal, was formed in London 1968. Led Zeppelin members were Jimmy Page (guitarist), Robert Plant (singer), John Paul Jones (bassist and keyboardist) and John Bonham (drummer).

Led Zeppelin‘s first album was released in February 1969 under the name Led Zeppelin and within two months it had reached Billboard’s Top 10. The second album, called Led Zeppelin II, reached Number One two months after its release. On this album they modernized their blues-rock approach on tracks as “Whole Lotta Love” and “Ramble On“. On Led Zeppelin III there was folk-oriented approach, like on track “Gallows Pole” and also there was electric blues on track “Since I’ve Been Loving You“.

Led Zeppelin’s untitled fourth album, which was released in 1971, features the most significant track “Stairway to Heaven“. The song was never released as a single, but it is an eight-minute epic that remains as a staple of FM airplay.

Led Zeppelin’s fifth album Houses of the Holy was released in 1973. The album was dynamic and groove-oriented, with staples as “The Song Remains the Same” and “Dancing Days“. This was followed by another album called Physical Graffiti, a double-album assertion of band strength that contained the “Sick Again“, “Trampled Underfoot” and the lengthy “Kashmir“. In 1976 Led Zeppelin released Presence, that was underrated and after three years they released their final studio album called In Through the Out Door.

After the death of the drummer John Bonham in 1980, Led Zeppelin disbanded. The last album called Coda was released in 1982 and it was a collection of early recordings and outtakes.

Led Zeppelin was on the second place in terms of record sales, having sold 84 million units. Their album Led Zeppelin IV is the fourth best-selling album in history, having sold more than 22 million copies.


Led Zeppelin1969
Led Zeppelin II1969
Led Zeppelin III1970
Led Zeppelin IV1971
Houses of the Holy1973
Physical Graffiti1975
In Through the Out Door1979