Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods – Episode 17

Damaged Goods – Episode 17

Damaged Goods – Episode 17 premiers played on Amazing Rock radio(in association with in association with The Dirty South Network) on 9th January 2015, at 6pm GMT (1pm EST), with following playlist:

  1. The Pixies – Where is my Mind?
  2. Soul Asylum – Misery
  3. Brand New – You Won’t Know
  4. New Found Glory – Singled Out
  5. XTMST – Conformist
  6. Dads – But
  7. Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know
  8. (Damaged Request) Breaking Arrows – Tears Falling Heavy
  9. (Damaged Request) Alkaline Trio – I Wanna Be a Warhol
  10. Motion City Soundtrack – Hello Helicopter
  11. Bright Eyes – I Will Be Grateful For This Day
  12. (Artist of the week) Desaparecidos – The Left is Right
  13. Tom Waits – Eggs and Sausage
  14. (Throwback Track) The Stooges – Search and Destroy

You can follow reprise on:

  • Monday at 10pm GMT (5pm EST) G .ics and
  • Wednesday at 12pm GMT (7am EST) G .ics.

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January 10th, 2015

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